CJ Moseley is a former web-developer, theatre manager, magician and physicist who now writes science-fiction novels. Raised in the liminal space between the Welsh Marches and the twentieth century, he now lives in Liverpool with his wife and two sons. When not writing books he may be found on his blog site cjmoseley.com.

Both tireless and generous in his support of other artists, Nyki Blatchley is one of life’s genuine heroes. He’s also an amazing writer - his novel At An Uncertain Hour was published by StoneGarden in April 2009, and he's had novellas published by Musa Publishing, Darwin's Evolutions and Fox & Raven, among others. The photo links to his Amazon page but you can also find his website here.

A violent pandemic divides what remains of the world into victims, villains and heroes. Sixteen-year-old Jackson Riley is about to find out that sometimes, under the worst of circumstances, a person can be all three. A stunning debut by author J A St Thomas.

Lydia Kurnia - Artist, writer, musician, film-maker and all round bringer of light and beauty. The photo links to her Redbubble page where you can buy her artwork. You can also visit her website here. She’s gonna live forever. Remember her name.

Phil Syphe was born in 1975 and grew up in the East Yorkshire village of North Newbald. In 2012 he graduated from the University of Hull with a degree in Creative Writing & English. He lives in Hull where he works from home as a copy-editor & proofreader and writes novels.

Phil published a collection of stories, entitled
Cash ’n’ Carrots & other capers, in 2013, followed in August 2013 by his first novel in the Emma Goodall series, Lunar Crescent. He released the sequel - Kissing Cousins - in January 2014, followed by Book 3 - Mixed Up - in May 2014.

Phil is currently working on the next Emma Goodall book, plus undetaking research for an historical novel.

30,000 words of fantasy, horror, and science fiction from up and coming authors, for about a quarter of the price of a starbucks cup of coffee. Includes stories from some of the enormously talented people from Fantasy Writers - Daniel Ausema, Barbara A Barnett, Nyki Blatchley, Lindsey Duncan, Lydia F. Kurnia, Jonathan S. Pembroke, Leslianne Wilder, and Erika Wilson.

Another brilliant collection from the Fantasy Writers crew. Talented people telling wonderful stories - awesome stuff.